Residential outdoor or indoor. Commercial saunas for fitness centres, leisure centres, hotels, spas, or medical centres for therapeutic use.
Saunabuilder is your single-source solution for sauna projects of virtually any scale and complexity.


Residential Outdoor

Saunabuilder has mastered design of insulated saunas, perfect for tough Canadian climates. We apply our extensive experience with wall design so you will never have to deal with moisture issues..



Hotels/Fitness Facilities

Commercial facilities such as hotels, gyms and spas are subjected to robust, high use. Robertson builds fully insulated indoor units that provide significant health benefits beyond the recognized therapeutic ones.

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Employee Wellness & Injury Prevention

Workplace saunas are not only effective in injury reduction but also reduce physical and mental stress for employees in physically demanding jobs. Fire stations, sports facilities, dance theaters, and manufacturing operations are just some of the workplaces that could benefit from sauna therapy.

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Residential Outdoor Sauna
Residential Outdoor Sauna

This exterior wood-burning sauna is the perfect example of how Saunabuilder can customize any sauna to fit your needs. The design is based on our pre-designed Kilimanjaro model with a couple of modifications.


Composite Deck
Composite Deck

Saunabuilder had the privilege to design and build a new front entryway for this beautiful home. A collaborative design process between home owner and Saunabuilder created a perfect solution to enhance the entrance, creating a functional space and a great first impression for visitors!

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Custom Gates
Custom Gates

Small entryways provide great opportunities to accent and upgrade an outdoor living space. Artistry in design and exceptional craftsmanship distinguish Saunabuilder gates. We work with our customers to develop the design of the gate and opening.

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Saunabuilder is based out of Calgary and serves a territory that includes all of Western Canada plus the Lake of the Woods region in Northwestern Ontario.

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